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Business & Technical Data Analysing

Data analysis is what happens under the larger umbrella of data analytics. Analysis of qualitative data allows businesses to run data analytics on a larger scope and address company-wide issues such as productivity and performance. What data analysis involves is evaluating qualitative data in the hopes of establishing a reason for something that has happened. It can also identify patterns that then inform business decisions.

In essence, qualitative data is non-numerical data. It might include customer behavior, such as how and when a consumer clicks on a link. It can also include customer feedback, transcripts, or recordings of sales calls.

Within the scope of business and technical data analysis trainings, end-to-end logical solution approaches and techniques of data analysis are presented to the participants, along with classroom onsite and offsite application practices, primarily and basically starting from general concept and analytical solution approaches within the following main headings.

Training progresses under the following main headings and topics;

  • Analytical Solution Approaches
  • Demand analysis and management
  • Retrieval of data from source systems in an optimized way
  • Obtaining rich data from raw data
  • Determination of performance indicators on data
  • Modeling according to demand and solution analysis