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MindTech ACADEMY | We are free to the extent that we are knowledgeable.

MindTech technology software and consultancy; offers product software and consultancy services and services from different sectors, especially finance, telecom, retail and e-commerce, with business and solution partnerships that have a dominant role in the sector.

MindTech Academy started its activities as of November 2022 with the aim and goal of contributing to the ecosystem within the body of MindTech employees, business and solution partners.

Within the scope of MindTech Academy activities, our primary goals and objectives are to inform our new graduates who will be involved in the sector, by collaborating with universities, to increase their competencies by offering internship and part-time work opportunities, and to expand the possibilities of finding a job and taking part in the sector after graduation.

MindTech Academy also aims to support both business and personal development of our new and current colleagues within MindTech, with technical and non-technical trainings at basic and advanced levels.

With its expert trainer staff and expert free-lance consultant partners, MindTech Academy also provides services and services to corporate solution partner companies within technical and non-technical trainings.