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Oracle Data Integration

Within the scope of ODI training, which is under the title of software development technical trainings, development training with ODI, basic, theoretical and practical application is conveyed to the participants within the scope of the class contents, acting on the main programming logic.

Training progresses under the following main headings and topics;

  • Major Components in ODI
  • ODI Topology Concepts
  • Describing the Physical and Logical Architecture
  • Setting Up a New ODI Project
  • Oracle Data Integrator Model Concepts and Data Stores
  • Organizing ODI Models and Creating Data stores
  • ODI Mapping Concepts and Designing Simple Mappings
  • Mapping: Monitoring and Debugging
  • Multi Data Source Mappings and Lookups
  • Reusable Mappings and Partitioning
  • ODI procedures and Functions
  • Using ODI Variables and Packages
  • Managing ODI Scenarios and Versions
  • Using Load Plans
  • Working with Changed Data Capture with Triggers
  • Developing Knowledge Modules
  • Designing ODI Integration Mappings
  • Managing Object Versions
  • Using Variables in ODI